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I, E.T.
« on: January 10, 2015, 01:51:14 PM »

John gets to be the alien in this episode.  He understands the wonder and all that Lyneea  feels.  I love that she wanted to save them and not turn them in. 

Aeryn and D'Argo acting all macho and such. 

One question?  If they had never been discovered by anyone how could the understand John?  Are TM an automatic thing in that part of the world?

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Re: I, E.T.
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Something that annoys me is, even this early in the show, John always tries to solve everything without taking lives. His plans are are always to do the least damage.  I know everything he saw on this planet reminded him of home, and Lyneea and her son he connects with. He also showed how strong his loyalty was, even though he barely knew D1Argo, he would not abandon him. John also admired both Lyneea and her son, they were just like him, intelligent, inquizitive , but first and foremost they were kind. I almost expected to see him show up later in the series, I almost felt like he would be like John when he grows up. I felt this episode first showed each characters ability to think of someone else's need. The begining of the Moyan family foundation. Rygel , working on Moya and talking to her and feeling her pain, Zhaan understanding Rygel's reluctance to do manual labor, knowing he had never had to lift a finger in his whole life. She knew how to make him feel others pain and want to help. Even though Aeryn fought with Rygel, he actually bit her!! But she helped Zhaan when she was taking the pain from Moya, of course Aeryn won't let her know she cared, but the Peacekeeper armour around her emotions and heart has shown its first crack.Even D'Argo was touched by the kindness of Lyneea . John was never given the credit he deserved for the abilities to adapt and grow that he showed, at least not till the end of the series.