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Explanation of the Membergroups
« on: June 13, 2008, 05:14:34 PM »

As people start to join the forum and start to post, you will see two types of members:  Readers and Contributors.  (Honestly, the titles are pretty lame, but I was absolutely stymied when the moment came to find a couple of titles, so I finally chose those two just to get the job done.  They can always be changed later.)  Members will jump from Reader to Contributor when they make their second post. 

The reason for doing this has to do with blocking e-mail harvesters.  Even with a couple of layers of software protection in place, it is virtually impossible to stop humans from registering at SMF forums for the single purpose of letting in bots that will then find and yank out every e-mail from the entire site.  But they do NOT usually take the time to come back and put together two posts.  Until someone is a 'Contributor', they will not be able to see the profiles or the e-mails of the forum's members. 

So please do not think of it as a ranking.  It's a layer of protection to keep spammers from getting into everyone's profiles and grabbing the e-mail addresses.


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