NOTICE to the reader ...

Measure Of Devotion is a
Work In Progress.  

This promises to be an extremely long fanfic -- one that may take several years to finish.  Until otherwise advised,
the portions posted here are drafts, subject to constant change.  Everyone is welcome to read and
comment, but I simply wanted to make it clear that it may be a while before the story is finished.
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21 February 2012:  

Chapter 7 and a single page of Chapter 8 have been posted.  Chapter 7 is still in a condition that I consider a DRAFT,
which means it is subject to change.  I will post a notice here if I make any changes to it.  Chapters 1 through 6 can be
considered finalized, although if I eventually discover that I have written in any continuity problems, they are subject to

29 August 2011:  

Oh my word!  An update to Measure of Devotion.  Yes, I've been attempting to get it moving again.  As a result,
has been a small change to Chapter 6
in order to correct a piece of dialogue that was essentially a continuity
error.  If you have this printed out somewhere, replace Chapter 6.  As for Chapter 7 ... I'm doing my best to get it
finished (along with the rest of the story).

21 March 2006:  

I found a minor typographical error on the first page of Chapter 5.  The printer-friendly version has been corrected.  
Also, in case no one has noticed, I flipped this 'diary' upside down so the most recent entry is at the top instead of at
the bottom.  This should make it easier to use as the list of changes continues to grow.  

20 March 2006:  

At long last, the second half of Chapter 6 has been posted.  Consider it still in draft form, but any changes after this will
be primarily editorial ... nothing major will be altered.

13 January 2006:

Once again, real life has interfered with writing, and I have not been able to finish the rough draft of Chapter 6 as I had
hoped.  Therefore, as promised, I have posted a rough draft of approximately 50% of
Chapter 6.  The section posted
represents about 6 out of 12 pages of text (as measured by Word 6.0).  

2 January 2006:

This story has been stalled for an absurd length of time in part due to other commitments.  (Lets just say that I have
been spending a great deal of time lately looking at something blue.)  There has been another difficulty, however.  On
the rare occasion when I have had time to sit down and work on the story, I have been 100%, absolutely and totally
stuck at the beginning of Chapter 6 because I could not make up my mind whether to write the entire tale from John's
POV, or alternate between his and Aeryn's.  I have come to prefer a single POV, but for something as long as MoD
there are some benefits -- to both the writer and the reader -- to switching back and forth:  I get to "observe" John from
an external viewpoint (especially handy if he happens to be unconscious at the time), and you, the reader, get to walk
in Aeryn's boots for a while, which can be a lot of fun ... especially if something needs shooting.

The decision has finally been made.  The story will bounce back and forth every few chapters between John  and
Aeryn. Chapter 6 is on the move again, at long last.  

Last time on Farscape, they had just discovered that they have been  tossed into an unrealized reality (or parallel
universe, depending on how you look at it), and all I can tell you at this point is that Aeryn is a bit ... annoyed.  At
If I do not have at least a rough draft  of Chapter 6 finished by the end of January, I promise that I will post the portion
that I have completed.  

15 December 2005:

Chapter 5 is finalized.  (At long last.)  A link to a Word 6.0 printer friendly version has been added to the top of the
page for Part 5.  I have also begun making some progress on Chapter 6.  

27 September 2005:

The good news is that after an absurd length of time, I did some work on Measure of Devotion this week.  The bad
news is that is was mostly getting reaquainted with the story, and cleaning up Chapters 4 and 5.  Chapter 4 is
finalized.  I also added links at the top of each finalized chapter that will provide printer-friendly Word versions.  I hope
to have NEW material in the near future.    

06 January 2005:

Completed Chapter 5 is in place.  (If I don't pick up the pace, it's going to take 3 years to finish this thing!  Eeek!)  At
this point, Chapter 4 is still in "draft" form.  There will be some substantial changes to the final scene.  

14 December 2004:

A very rough draft of the first segment of Chapter 5 has been posted, provided solely to get everyone out of the
cliffhanger at the end of Chapter 4.  Very few questions have been answered at this point.  

07 December 2004:

Chapter 4 (draft) uploaded.  Chapters 1-3 are pretty much finalized at this point.

10 November 2004:

Revised Chapter 3.  Primarily editorial changes.  A few new sentences were added, but nothing substantive.

18 October 2004:

Chapter 3 (draft) uploaded.

17 October 2004:

Additional revisions to Chapter 2.  Entirely editorial.

15 October 2004:

Revised Chapter 2.  Some moderate adjustments to the first scene with Chiana have been made.  There have been
some primarily editorial changes made to the remainder of the chapter.

14 October 2004:

Chapter 2 (draft) uploaded.

12 October 2004:

Revised Chapter 1.  Minor editorial changes.

23 September 2004:

Chapter 1 (draft) uploaded.