The Vote
(First posted September 20, 2002)
Rating:  G
Disclaimer:  Farscape belongs to Henson Co. and Sci-Fi.  The latter doesn’t want to use the characters, so
they shouldn’t complain when I do.  But I’m still not making a profit.  
Time Frame/Spoilers:  Contains a minor, implied spoiler for ‘Unrealized Realities’ and one for ‘Natural

Note to the reader:  This was another response to a challenge.  The story was supposed to tackle what
happened in the first few microts after … er … what happened in ‘Unrealized Realities’.  If you don’t know, don’t
read this until you’ve watched the episode.  


*  *  *  *  *

“I do not believe it is appropriate that I make this choice alone,” D’Argo told the assembled crew.  “We must take
a vote.”  

“Explain this again, oh great captain,” Chiana requested, her tone of voice turning the title into a mockery.  

The Luxan looked down his nose at her and sighed in exasperation.  “With Sikozu’s help Pilot has determined
that the wormhole will reopen in less than an arn, but Moya refuses to follow Crichton in until we are certain that
it is stable and will not harm her.  Therefore we must test the wormhole first.”  He looked around at the group,
noting that every person displayed an understanding of his concise explanation.  

“Those in favor of throwing Scorpius in first, raise their hands.”  Rygel raised his stubby fingers into the air.  

“All those in favor of … ”  D’Argo’s voice trailed off as seven arms, including all four of Pilot’s, waved in the air
before he could finish his sentence.  He sighed and raised his own hand, bringing the count to eight.  

“Very well.  We throw Noranti into the wormhole to test the stability.”  

                                                                           * ~ * ~ * ~* ~ *
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