Greetings, wonderful Scapers!

What you have stumbled across here is my own little version of an 'easter egg'.  (Okay, I didn't make it all that
difficult to find, but you did have to at least pay attention to what your cursor was doing.)  If you choose to
continue onward, what you will find is a "missing scene" from A Human Reaction that I wrote quite some time
ago, and simply never had the guts to post out in the open.  (Please don't ask me why doing it this way is any
different.  It just works better for me this way.)

I have put this interim page between the site and the story for two reasons:  

First, to thank you all for reading and commenting over the years.  I think most, if not all, fanfic writers would
write for themselves even if there wasn't any way to get the stories to the readers, but Scapers in particular are
appreciative and discerning consumers of fiction, and you have enriched the experience beyond description.  
So, I offer up a heartfelt thank you.

Secondly, and more importantly, I want to point out that what you are about to hit is pure smut-for-smut's-sake.  
It is rated
NC-17 and, at least for me, it's fairly high on the 'graphic' scale.  You have been warned.  

I offer for your reading pleasure (you might want to turn on the air conditioning before clicking the link) ...

Thunder and Lightning.

Thank you for reading,