Printer Friendly Versions:

There is no single "download them all at once" option with the printer friendly versions.  As with the Kindle versions, an icon is
provided on the first page of each story, or you can go to the
Chronological Listing page, and click on the individual printer icons for
each story (third column from the right).

When you click on any of the icons, a 'File Download' box should appear.  Select
"Save" and save it to your hard drive.  The file and
will need to be "unzipped".  Most Windows operating systems will do this without difficulty even if you do not have specific WinZip
software.  Simply RIGHT-click on the compressed file folder, and select "Extract All Files".

If you have any difficulty, please feel free to e-mail me for assistance.  
About the printer-friendly files:

The files are in Microsoft Word (.doc) format.  

The line spacing is set at 1.2 because that is the setting that my aging eyes finds most comfortable.  (That is not a typographical
error.  I prefer something wider than single spaced, but less than 1.5 line spacing.)

Widow/orphan control is turned
off.  This was done because different operating systems and different printers can create some
variety in where the page breaks occur, so I decided to leave that up to each reader.  You will want to adjust the page and chapter
breaks according to your own settings.  

The longer stories have page numbers inserted in the Footer.  

A small number of stories include Word format covers (front and back) in case you would like to insert them into the binders with the
clear plastic covers, or have them bound to form a book of sorts.  Covers are included in the Zip files for Child Of The Night,
Whispers, and the Cloths Of Heaven trilogy (Cloths Of Heaven, Heaven's Gate, and Cholak's Demon).  The covers for the trilogy are
in the Cloths Of Heaven file.  

If something doesn't work, or text comes through scrambled, PLEASE let me know and I'll see if I can figure out what's wrong.  

Thank you all for being such great readers ... and for being Scapers.  

Kindle Versions:

There are two ways to download the Kindle versions of my stories:  individually, or you can download the entire supply of completed
stories (which means that Measure of Devotion is not included) with a single click.

Individually:  Icons are provided on the first page of each story, or you can go to the Chronological Listing page, and click on the
individual icons for each story (second column from the right).   Downloads should start automatically.  The files are NOT
compressed.  Save the files to your computer, then transfer them into the .documents folder on your Kindle using the USB cable.  If
any of the files are corrupted or fail to download, please let me know.

All at once:  There is an icon at the top of the Chronological Listing page.  I put it there because it was one of the few places where I
could make some space without too much work.  This link is going to download a .zip file, which you will need to extract before loading
the stories onto your Kindle.  I will update the .zip file as I complete new stories, but hopefully it is obvious that once you have clicked
on that link and downloaded the full supply, it will be easier for you to pick up any subsequent stories individually.  That is why I have
provided both types of downloads.