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List of Crashfic -- In Chronological Order
« on: June 09, 2016, 04:43:14 PM »
Hello wonderful readers,

In an attempt to make things easier for you, the reader, here is a list of Crashfic ... in the order in which it was written, and where and when it first appeared.  That only makes a difference if you take into account what was going on at the Sci-Fi Bulletin Board (Dominion Board) and in the Farscape community at the time.   

Each fiction, unless otherwise noted, is exactly the way I originally posted it -- errors, warts, mistakes and all.  The single exception is that I have substituted the word "motra" wherever appropriate once they finally came up with something smaller than a metra. 

There is a hyperlink buried under each underlined title, so when you're ready to read, just click on the title, and it will open the story.   

Thank you all for being a part of Farscape and more specifically, Farscape fanfic.  Read all of the stories on this board ... there's enormous diversity and some truly outstanding fiction here. 

Thanks for reading,

Kernil Crash
Purveyor of Hallucinations

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

 1 - Yeti:  (December 23, 2001).  The very first.  This was sort of a test-case to see whether I was even capable of writing fiction at all, before I began work on what I already knew was going to be a behemoth (Voices Of Reason). 
 2 - Writer's Block:  (December 27, 2001). 

 3 - A Winter's Tale:  (January 2, 2002). 

 4 - A Single Tear Fell?:  (January 2002).  Response to "A Single Tear Fell Challenge" posted by Unohoo.  First chance to see what happens when you feed an idea to the Youses Muses Gang and they decide to head off in an unexpected direction. 

 5 - Starved For Attention:  (January 12, 2002).  Response to "Kill Furlow Challenge" posted by aeryncrichton. 

 6 - Over The Top:  (January 12, 2002).  Response to "Kill Furlow Challenge" posted by aeryncrichton.  Magic mushrooms at their finest. 

 7 - One Man's Moment:  (January 18, 2002).  Response to Ceallaig's Missing Scene Challenge.  It's the first attempt at something in the 'gut-wrenching' realm, and one of my very few offerings from my favorite pair of episodes -- Nerve and Hidden Memory.

 8 - Bookends:  (January 22, 2002).  A real change in direction for me -- this was my first 'shippy' fic. 

 9 - Voices Of Reason:  (First chapter posted on January 25, 2002).  This is the first one my brain hatched!  If you are new to Crashfic, you sort of need to realize that 'Voices Of Reason' was the very first story idea I came with, and if it hadn't been for this one, I never would have started writing fanfic at all.  (Some people might say that would have been a blessing.) 

10 - Amusing Myself:  (February 2002).  Response to a request (as opposed to a challenge) by JohnskeedvaBBQ for the writers to describe their 'Muses'.  This is when I first became aware of the existence of the Youses Muses Gang.  Just one muse isn't enough for me.   ;D

11 - Spaced Out:  (February 26, 2002).  The only thing interesting about this story is that it was formed out of the remnants of a rather confused, poorly formulated story that got panned by my beta-reader at that time, Scapeartist.  I tossed the rightfully mutilated story into storage, then came back later and used just a portion of it to build something new.  Lesson to new writers:  Never throw anything out.  If you don't use a scene, store it.  It may come in handy later.   

12 - Heart Of The Matter:  (February 27, 2002).  Fractures has aired in the U.S. by this time ... can you tell?

13 - Woggles:  Created for The Aeryn Years collection of stories, which explore Aeryn's years on the Favored Planet in The Locket.

14 - Warm Welcome:  Created for The Aeryn Years collection of stories, which explore Aeryn's years on the Favored Planet in The Locket.

15 - Cloths Of Heaven:  (May 7, 2002).   

16 - Rationale:  (June 1, 2002).  A response to a Hot and Sweaty Challenge.

17 - Night Walker:  (July 8, 2002).

18 - Not My Father's Hero:  (July 11, 2002).  This is what happens when I get bored mowing the lawn. 

19 - Worship:  (August 7, 2002).  I'd been doing a lot of light-weight, humorous stories for a while when this one cropped up.  I'd just been saying to scrubschick that I needed to work on something with more "guts" to it, more emotional commitment.  Leave it to the Youses Muses Gang to overhear and stop by with something appropriate. 

20 - Until Friday:  (August 8, 2002).   Once again ... mowing the lawn. 

21 - The Listener:  (August 15, 2002).  The Listener marked my first foray into NC-17, and the first appearance of an 'Addendum'.  This will become another word for "Smut for Smut's Sake".   ;D

22 - The Vote:  (September 30, 2002).  Posted in response to Pitdog's "10 Minute Challenge" to write something about what happened in the first few minutes after John disappeared through the wormhole in Unrealized Realities.

23 - Lost Porkie:  (September 30, 2002).  Pitdog's mind was a whirl that week.  This was in response to Pitdog's challenge to work the words "lost porkie" into a story.  Good challenge ... strange idea, Pitdog.  ;D

24 - Child Of The Night:  (Part 1 posted October 7, 2002). 

25 - Heaven's Gate:  (November 10, 2002).  This one was almost written, and destined for a death in the "Roadkill" file until Scrubschick nudged me into completing it.   

26 - Guard Duty:  (November 15, 2002).  I finally get around to investigating a moment that I've always wondered about -- the arns after the tag to Hidden Memory. 

27 - Once Upon A Microt: (December 9, 2002).  Response to a Bedtime Story Challenge.  This forced me to write something I never envision -- a small child aboard Moya -- but it was an absolute hoot to write.  It was also an interesting exercise in setting aside my own assumptions about what the future holds for John and Aeryn in order to write something 'on demand'. 

28 - Birthright:  (Part 1 posted December 12, 2002).  A complete departure from my usual POV characters.  I have absolutely no idea what variety of magic mushrooms I got into when I dreamed this one up, because it involves writing from someone's viewpoint that has never particularly interested me:  Jack Crichton. 

29 - Cholak's Demon:   (Part 1 posted January 14, 2003).  This was supposed to be approximately the same length as 'Cloths Of Heaven' and 'Heaven's Gate'; i.e. 4-5 parts.  It got away from me. 

30 - Reading Lesson:  (January 24, 2003). 

31 - Stay:  (January 30, 2003). 

32 - Spelling Lesson:  (February 4, 2003).

33 - Taste Of Tomorrow:  (March 20, 2003).  A post-4.22 (Bad Timing) Resolution fic.  Have a box of tissues close to hand for this one.  I went straight for the tear ducts this time.   

34 - Tough Love:  (July 24, 2003).  More of the ongoing saga involving the AU timeline that I started with 'Birthright' where John and Aeryn have a son.  I don't picture childrearing aboard Moya as involving cute Fischer-Price toys, trouble-free babysitting, or the mundane chore of changing diapers.  If there ever is a kid in Farscape, it won't be easy. 

35 - Terminology:  (August 20, 2003).  I wrote this in response to an Acronym Challenge that I posted myself.  That will teach me to go around posting challenges.  It wasn't anywhere near as easy as I thought!

36 - Idle Pursuits:  (August 24, 2003).  This is actually a much older story that first saw the light of a computer screen some time in 2002.  It died a graceful and unnoticed death until someone (it might have been unohoo) put up a challenge asking for ... well, if I tell you, it will spoil the story.  kbiggrink

37 - Plausible Deniability:  (September 18, 2003).  Of all the stories I have written over the past several years, this one might illustrate the state of my brain most clearly.  The introduction/lead-in to the story provides everything else you need to know. 

38 - Guy Stuff:  (November 14, 2003).  Another addition to the AU timeline that began when I wrote Birthright.  You don't need to read any of the preceding stories to enjoy this one.  It's a stand-alone.  Guy Stuff also rates very high on my list of stories that I had fun writing. 

39 - Body Guard:  (November 23, 2003).  This story is proof that e smallest things in real life can trigger a Farscape fanfiction. 

40 - Food Fight:  (December 2, 2003.)  I haven't laughed this hard while writing a story in a very long time.

41 - Hush:  (December 4, 2003.)  The last several stories have been humorous to one degree or another.  The pendulum was overdue for a swing back in the other direction.  It shot right past merely serious, and went full deflection in the other extreme.  It's Crashfic, so it's never without hope and redemption, but you might want to bring some Zoloft along for this one. 

42 - Ruminations:  (December 14, 2003).  Another entry in the on-going AU that began with 'Birthright' and 'Once Upon A Microt'.

43 - In Need Of Sunlight:  (January 5, 2004).  This entire story grew out of a single sentence that had been rattling around in my head for over a year:  "The blind man staggers down the alley."  It took a while to build a story around it. 

44 - Mortal Fears:  (January 23, 2004).  When you combine a deathly boring shift at work, an article on schizophrenia in Scientific American, and about a liter of Mt Dew, you wind up with a tale like this one. 

45 - Angle Of Incidence:  (February 28, 2004).  So many people asked for a "reverse" version of In Need Of Sunlight (i.e. from Aeryn's viewpoint), that I caved in and wrote this story.  I'm not ashamed of it, and I'll never bury it the way I have one or two other fics, but I learned a valuable lesson.  In Need Of Sunlight was perfect.  I should have left it alone.

46 - Perspectives:  (March 3, 2004).  A response to Kargack's 'Kansas' (the episode, not the forum) Challenge.

47 - Chilled:  (March 9, 2004).  A small filler that takes place between Twice Shy and Mental As Anything.  That's about all there is to say about it. 

48 - Whispers:  (June 6, 2004).  Whispers holds the 1st place trophy for the most difficult story I've ever battled to finish.  The problem wasn't the telling of the tale, or the writing technique.  This story takes place post-Fractures -- a time frame I find emotionally devastating to work in. 

49 - Rebuttal:  (August 7, 2004).  Once upon a time I was chatting with ScaperRed one evening.  We got into a sem-comical discussion about how often a certain event had occurred in fanfiction.  This story grew out of that conversation. 

50 - Space For Rent:  (October 28, 2004).  A Post-PKWars add-on.  There isn't much else to tell.

51 - Indoctrination: (October 30, 2004).  This is the result of an overwhelming case of the 'smuts'.  I had an overwhelming need to toss John and Aeryn in the sack together with very little plot built around it.  'nuff said.

52 - Crichtons Don't Cry:  (December 28, 2004).  I have to blame this story on CrystalMoon.  She wrote a very compelling story called Or Dance that caught the attention of the Youses Muses Gang.  They wanted to explore a few moments at the end of PK Wars.

53 - Reversal:  (December 23, 2004).  This is one of those rare and wonderful creations that decided to take over from me, the writer.  A scene appeared on the screen all on its own, convincing me that David Kemper somehow has remote access to my keyboard.   

54 - Life Lessons:  (March 18, 2005).  Sometimes all it takes is one line from one episode. 

55 - The Changeling:  (August 18, 2005).  This story grew out of several scenes that occurred over the course of the show, all of which address a common theme:  John's remorse whenever he resorts to killing in order to get out of a jam.  I began to wonder what it would take to turn John Crichton into a cold-blooded willing killer.  Performing that transformation was not as easy as I originally expected.

56 - Yesterdays And Tomorrows:  (August 29, 2005).  Some stories grow out of the smallest seeds.  There is a very distinctive smell that occurs when the first patter of rain hits summer-hot pavement.  Take that odor, hang on to it, start to run, and, if you are very lucky, you wind up with a story.

57 - Easing The Pain:  (February 1, 2006).  A response to the 1st Starburst Challenge at Terra Firma.

58 - Phantasms:  (March 12, 2006).  I was watching Hidden Memory one night, and was visited by a very strong image of what it might be like for an older John Crichton to find himself once again imprisoned by bad guys, and to hear his grown children coming to rescue him.  Put a Farscape twist on it, and you wind up with Phantasms.

59 - The Chrysalis:  (October 16, 2006).  You need to read The Changeling to understand why The Chrysalis was absolutely necessary as a sequel.  Five chapters worth of John, Aeryn, a shower, lots of hot water, soap suds, and an NC-17 ending.  Need I say more?

60 - Taste Test:  2nd Starburst Challenge:  (February 9, 2007)

61 - Wet Behind The Ears:  3rd Starburst Challenge:  (March 9, 2007).

62 - In Passing:  4th Starburst Challenge:  (May 6, 2007).

63 - Inferno:  (June 22, 2007). 

64 - Ship Wreck:  (August 4, 2007).

65 - Foot Falls:  11th Starburst Challenge:  (August 23, 2007).

66 - Delirium:  3rd Annual Terra Firma Beach Bash Fic Challenge:  (August 26, 2007).

67 - Blood Debt:  19th Starburst Challenge:  (First posted on September 28, 2007).

68 - Lady Aeryn and The Azshdagka:  (October 11, 2007).

69 - Past Tense:  (September 27, 2008).

70 - First Rites:  12th Starburst Challenge:  (November 15, 2008).

71 - Heart Sounds:  29th Starburst Challenge:  (November 28, 2008).

72 - War Games:  36th Starburst Challenge:  (August 7, 2009).

73 - Blind Faith:  37th Starburst Challenge:  (September 20, 2009).

74 - When Fates Collide:  34th Starburst Challenge:  (November 15, 2009).

75 - Body Shop:  49th Starburst Challenge:  (November 28, 2010).

76 - The Startled Owl:  55th Starburst Challenge:  (August 14, 2011).

77 - Déjà Vu:  (October 23, 2011).

78 - Make Believe:  60th Starburst Challenge:  (April 3, 2012).

79 - Malefactor:  60th Starburst Challenge:  (April 3, 2012).

80 - Turn Of The Wheel:  62nd Starburst Challenge:  (June 9, 2012).  This is a response to one of the best challenges that has ever caught the interest of the Youses Muses Gang.  My thanks and respect go out to JJ, who provided the 62nd Starburst Challenge.

81 - Counterfeit:  65th Starburst Challenge:  (September 13, 2012).

82 - Siren's Song:  66th Starburst Challenge:  (October 23, 2012).  This story has the dubious honor of being (in my opinion) the worst piece of trash I've written to date.  I have spent years debating whether to remove all traces of it from my files and from the internet.  But with one exception, I have never revised any of my early fics (to correct punctuation, syntax, or grammar), and I have not removed any of my weaker stories.  I think there is value in showing the entire writing process -- clangers, mistakes, and hastily written stories included.  So here it is, my worst ... and a fervent hope that it never moves up to second place.

Work In Progress:  Measure of Devotion:  This link leads to a page where the latest additions and/or revisions are listed.  From there you can reach any of the chapters posted so far. 
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