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Rhapsody in Blue -1.12
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The episode opens with everyone having dreams of past loves.  Aeryn says she didnít dream and I wonder if she lied.  Sheís also wearing Johnís underwear.  Apparently she likes something from the humanís world. :)

DíArgo stays on Moya because heís not allowed to take a weapon to the planet.  Aeryn sneaks one in.  We see that John and Aeryn have become friends and allies.  They stand closer to each other and have learned to communicate with body language.  They are both creeped out by the people around them.  Perhaps it's the ultra-religion factor.  John can still see the wonder in the world around him, while Aeryn is still looking to defense. 

When Zhaan is asked to help her own people understand her gifts and training, its John she asks to help keep her grounded.  I think this is because heís the one who is most likely to accept what she has done.  Heís also seen it before in TOBM.  That darkness has saved his life.   

I think this is the first time Johnís mind gets messed with by aliens.  Lorana takes on the personality of Alex trying to distract him from Zhaan.  It doesnít really work.  Heís still aware of Zhaanís needs. 

When the deception is revealed, John points out that they could have just asked him, they didnít need to take the knowledge.  Thatís a big point with him we hear here first.  He doesnít mind sharing information; they donít need to steal it.  If he ever trusted in religion, he doesnít now.  Heís the one who figures out the root is twisted on itself and that as a representation of their religion, that root should be straight. 

John shows a lot of trust in Zhaan when he volunteers to join in unity with her.  She could kill him if she wanted to. 


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