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Till The Blood Runs Clear -1.11
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The first thing I noticed about this episode is that John is letting Aeryn fly his module.  This shows how much he trusts her, since the module is really the only thing he owns.  Crichton has done some modifications to it so that it has its own propulsion system to enter and exit atmosphere, a modification to its original design.  To repair it we meet Furlow and wish we hadn't.  She's such a well done character.  From the beginning you can't trust her.  One would think John would ask up front what it's going to cost to repair the module.  The craft is such a unique design, a glider, and although it's "primitive" it does what no other craft can do.  Furlow offers to take it off his hands many times.  She sees something special in the module others don’t. 

Aeryn displays trust in Crichton, letting him take lead with the blood trackers.  I think this is the first time Crichton steps forward into such a position.  I think his chauvinistic role surprises Aeryn.  He’s never taken the dominant role before. 

This episode really highlights the evolving relationship between D'Argo and John.  D'Argo isn't about to leave Crichton or Aeryn behind, even if it means making John dispose of his module.  He's finally realizing that although John looks like a Peacekeeper, he isn't one.  John is on his side and will be there to help him when he needs it, which he does when the blood trackers catch him. 

My favorite quote from this ep:  “Next time you pick a place to hide, pick one with a back door!”
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