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They've Got A Secret -1.10
« on: May 12, 2012, 02:47:14 PM »


Now we get the back story on D'Argo.  We find out about his "true crime", his wife and child.  We also learn about Macton.

We also get a better understanding of Leviathan physiology and the actual size of the ship.  I like the fact that it's John who notices the change in the air before Aeryn does.  He also notices that the shavings are too uniform to be accidental.  At this point the crew has become a cohesive unit working together.  Aeryn really doesn't like having to wait for Crichton to free her from the glue. 

This is the first time Crichton talks directly to Moya.  It's something he does a lot through the next four years, but it starts here.  John sees Moya as a living being and is always asking after her health, so it isn't unusual for his first guess to be that she has a virus.  When he finds the baby, he doesn't even hesitate to name it.  For him Moya has always been sentient and he is only there because she allows it. 

D'Argo and Aeryn talk about Jothee and we again see how far Aeryn has come that she sees D'Argo when she looks at Jothee and not the abomination that Peacekeepers would see. 

And Moya is pregnant.  I love the reference to Dr. Spock, and "What to expect when expecting a baby Leviathan.  It's a turning point for th ecrew because they will do anything to protect that baby.
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Re: They've Got A Secret -1.10
« Reply #1 on: May 15, 2012, 09:25:07 AM »
What's interesting about this episode is the degree to which John has learned about how things work in his new environment.  When things go haywire, he's right at the controls, pressing buttons and calling out readings. He's also able to read Moya's schematics.  He's only been in the UT's for a few months at this point and he's already sliding into the groove. The others deride him as deficient, yet he has proven time and again, that is he is anything but.  ;)

I love how John is so calm and patient as he is working to unstick Aeryn's hand from the floor and how impatient Aeryn is to be unstuck. He's so gentle. It actually hurts me to realize that this gentleness, while still there, gets much diminished as the series progresses. Poor John!  :'(