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PK Tech Girl -1.07
« on: April 20, 2012, 03:05:19 PM »


So much comes back to this episode.  We get the history of the Zelbinion, Durka and Rygel.  Rygel confronts his history.  D'Argo gets the opportunity to fight a battle with no weapons and win against the sheeangs.  This is the first time we see the sheeangs.  I love Crichton's reponse "They breathe fire!  Why doesn't anyone ever tell me these things."  We also learn that whoever destroyed the Zelbinion is a very formidable foe.  Later they will learn who.

Gelina is intorduced in this episode.  Aeryn experiences jealousy (perhaps for the first time).  Aeryn gets to see John's strenghths in science and in patching the defense screen.  He actually understands what Gelina is saying.

They pick up the defense screen which might not have been such a good idea.

Two lines I love, "I try to save a life a day, usually it's my own."  And when John is explaining what a doctorate is "It's, uh, a couple of letters they add to the end of your name. Not much help out here though. The last textbook I read made a case for why you and all other forms of alien life didn't exist." 

When John defends himself to Gelina in Crais's brother's death, he points out that it could have easily gone the other way.  He realizes that he is lucky to be alive. 

"You know, all things considered, there are worse ways to end a day."  :)

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Re: PK Tech Girl -1.07
« Reply #1 on: April 27, 2012, 04:04:01 PM »
PK Tech Girl is the first overt instance of J/A UST in Farscape. Even though all the kissing scenes in this EP are between John and Gilina, the chemistry is all between John and Aeryn.

We get some deeper insight into John and Aeryn's relationship at this point. We now get confirmation of what some of us have been suspecting for a while now: Aeryn is attracted to John. So does John, much to his surprise. He apparently did not know that she's been digging on him like he's been digging on her. I love the expression on his face when she tells him that she finds him interesting.  :)

We learn some more information about Rygel here, too. The Zelbinion was the first ship he was tortured on, implying that he's been tortured more than once.  :wibble: Poor Rygel. The UT's are obviously a tough place.

Zhaan and D'Argo work together to try and bluff away the Sheyang who look lilke giant frogs with Edgar G. Robinson lips. Myah, see! I love D'Argo's comment to Zhaan : "For a priest, you certainly have a flexible morality."

This is also another episode where John can clearly be heard saying "Shit" as he is holding apart the arcing panels and waiting for Aeryn to save them from Froggy. Another line from this EP I love is "They spit fire??!! How come nobody tells me these things???!! How come nobody tells me they spit fire???!!" So funny!  :laugh:

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Re: PK Tech Girl -1.07
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This one of my favorite episodes in season 1.  First glimpse of perhaps Aeryn harboring some feeling for John although she quickly snuffed those out.  John connecting with Gillina.  She is so different than Aeryn and I think there is a comfort level because they are both "tech" weenies!  the last scene of this episode always hits home.  Aeryn telling John not to presume he understands her (regarding her feelings about the Zelbinion).  But he so eloquently makes his point that he more than understands and she is left in total surprise.  She is seeing him through new eyes.

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