“You were in my shoes; I was in your pants.”

He had suspected as much from the first moment he had repossessed his body.  It was
suspiciously exhausted:  weak at the knees, lethargic, and temporarily drained of interest in sex.  
The only question had to do with repetition.  He wondered what it had taken for her to work his
body into this state of satisfaction.  

He unzipped, went exploring, curious if there were any lingering signs of Aeryn’s activities.  His
fingers encountered something unexpected.  He double-checked, moving cautiously, wondering
when and how she had done it.


He was pierced.

* ~ * ~ * ~* ~ *
In Your Pants
11 June 2011 Microfic:  I Found Something

Note to the Reader:  I know this never would have happened, but I enjoyed writing it and it was too much fun to delete the
file just because it was a little unrealistic.  
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