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Talyn has found a female -- born in the wild, free-willed and seductive.  She is young, barely
mature; her hull a shimmering, iridescent silvery-gold, the lighter tones of childhood still visible
beneath the darkening bronze hues that will eventually mark her as an adult capable of

Both are virgins, unfamiliar with the power settings, vectors, and orientation necessary for
copulation.  Their trajectories intertwine; they bump hulls playfully, learning each other, discovering
the joy of contact, of togetherness, of physical ecstasy.  Their joining has no purpose other than
to ignite their senses.  They mate again and again, spiraling as one, fused into a single entity,
through ion showers, the tingling wash of solar storms, and the refreshing chill of empty space.  

Alone in his quarters, Bialar Crais -- locked into the overwhelming flood of sensations, incapable of
moving his hand far enough to remove the transponder -- arches, cries out, flings one hand out
to grasp gnarled, knotted bed covers, and for a short period of time, becomes a leviathan in love.  

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One Soul, One Body
25 April 2008 Microfic:  SMUT

CAUTION!!  Due to the subject matter (smut), this microfic carries an R rating