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Interlude Interruptus
25 April 2008 Microfic:  SMUT

CAUTION!!  Due to the subject matter (smut), this microfic carries an R rating  
Aeryn closes her eyes.  Her universe devolves to sound and sensation.  

The brief screech of the strategy table as it slides a short distance across Command.  The sibilant
hiss of the air circulation vents, overlain by John’s heavier breathing.  Whisper and creak of half-
discarded leather.  Vigorous impact of skin against skin.  

Growing excitement, her body mounting to the inevitable conclusion of friction and love.  The
escalating fizz of over-stimulated nerves.  

And the fast-paced slap of small feet against bio-mechanoid plating.  


“I’m trying!” John says.

“No.  The other frell.  D’Argo!”  


John has trouble getting his pants fastened in time.

* ~ * ~ * ~* ~ *