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He dreamed he was with his wives -- surrounded by every hue of green; dozens of moist, delicate
hands; elegantly flaring nasal slits.  Each of his wives was as beautiful as the next, every one of
them vying to make this the most memorable night of his life.  They disrobed him, bathed him,
and then set about bringing him to the pinnacle of sexual ecstasy.  

John woke with a scream, sweating, trembling, on the verge of being sick to his stomach.

“What’s wrong?”  Aeryn was instantly awake and alert.  “What’s happening?”

“Nightmare,” he gasped.  “The worst nightmare of my entire life!”

* ~ * ~ * ~* ~ *
Hynerian Heaven
11 April 2008 Microfic:  Vacation

Note to the Reader:  This microfic is an excellent example of how my brain sometimes goes sideways.