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Crichton was rummaging around in the cold storage unit.   

“Lose something?” Chiana asked after several microts.  

A confused-looking frown popped into view.  “There was a huge drinking container in here.  It’s
missing.  Did someone scarf it?”  John’s gaze settled on Rygel.

“Never!” Rygel growled.

“Purchase more,” Chiana said.

“I can’t.  That was extra breast milk Aeryn stored for DJ.”  

Rygel’s eyes bulged.  He slapped one stubby hand over his mouth, spun his chair around, and
zoomed out of the Center Chamber.  

“For real?” Chiana gasped between wild giggles.

“No,” Crichton confessed.  “It was just some kind of milk I found on our last grocery run.”  

* ~ * ~ * ~* ~ *