“I warned you.”

“Shut up!” Aeryn snapped.  “Did you find it?”

“Do you have any idea what’s in that tank?  There’s a reason the DRDs won’t go in there.”

“Did you find it?”

“If I did, it’s going to cost you.”

Aeryn ground her teeth together.  “How much?”

John gazed at the ceiling.  “Ten mind-blowing sex acts.”

“Two,” she countered.


“I don’t kill you in your sleep.”

“Six,” he offered quickly.

“Done.  Did … you … find it?”

“I told you a toddler will flush anything he can get his hands on down a toilet.”

“I know!  I forgot!!  Did you find it?”

John took her left hand by the wrist and carefully slid the ring onto her finger.  

* ~ * ~ * ~* ~ *
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