He had never seen Aeryn fidget.  

“Do you not like it?” she asked, looking terminally insecure.  

“No! I mean yes!  I mean --”  He was so astonished he couldn’t form a sentence.  

“I should take it off.”  Aeryn turned away.  

“NO!  I … You just … you caught me by surprise.  When … where …”  He was babbling again.  

“Chiana helped me pick them out … on Earth.”

She was stunning.  Delicate satin lingerie, so unlike anything that Aeryn preferred, dark shining
hair hanging loose, and skin, skin, and more skin.  And she had done it entirely for him.   

“You are incredibly, unbelievably gorgeous.”

Aeryn smiled.

                                                                      * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *
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