“No!” John and Aeryn chorused together.  “Absolutely not!”

“But D’Argo had --” began Ian, their second son.  

“-- a trelkez for a pet,” John interrupted.  “You’ve seen my scar.”

Ian nodded, looking dejected.

“And you know the other story,” Aeryn said.  

“Yes, but I’d take care --” Ian tried again.

Two voices cut him off before he could argue.  “No!”

Defeated, the youngster wandered off in the direction of Quarters.  

“Think he’s already brought it aboard Moya?” John asked.  

“Probably.  We had better find it.”

“Fantastic,” John said.  “Just what this family needs:  a Vorc-Brindiss Hound hybrid running loose
on the ship.”

* ~ * ~ * ~* ~ *
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