“That … is a drannit?”  


“All these cycles of not telling me what a drannit is, and that’s a drannit.”  

“Yes, John.  As I just told you, that is a drannit.”

“It’s not even cute.  I was hoping for at least some fur or big ears or purring or …”  

“Or what?”  

“Or anything!  All this time I was thinking kitten or tribble … not …”  

“Not what?”  

“Well, not that, Aeryn!  It’s … ugly.”  

“Are you angry?”  

“Angry for what?”  

“Angry that I called you a drannit.”  

“God, no!  You were right, Aeryn.”  

“I was … right?”  

“Yup!  … That other guy was a drannit!”  

* ~ * ~ * ~* ~ *
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